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  1. I've tried every distro out there and with the stand ipc and ideneb it load the install fine but after the install it just load the kexts then reboots and trying to install it the retail disc way it just reboots before it can even load the disc. I don't understand what is happening. I followed turns of guides for this motherboard but nothing. It works just fine with windows but I bought these parts to load Leopard onto it. Anyone have any suggestions? I've tried using a sata (yellow ports) and IDE harddrive. I do have a IDE DVD drive. Don't know if that matters or not. Thanks.
  2. Just installed Leopard...

    Does anybody know how to get the Compaq C508us wireless working in Leopard....or a usb adaptor that will work. I have a USB Belkin and Linksys laying around. I heard something about whitelist. but I didn't really understand it.
  3. Lost Driver

    I can't find the driver for the Belkin FSD7050. I had it installed at once but I reloaded osx86 and I thought i still had it but i don't. Anyone know where to find it. I"ve looked everywhere.
  4. Networking XP and OSx86

    What? Log on my osx86 with another user?
  5. Networking XP and OSx86

    thats what I thought too... But I cant seem to find that page anymore.
  6. I got OSx86 to show the files I have sharing on my workgroup. I changed the workgroup mac was using. And it showed my Windows Vista desktop I have on the same workgroup. It shows the files and everything. But none of the movies will open. They just freeze up. I tried VLC and WMP for Quicktime too. ????
  7. I just finshed my research paper on my OSx86 I had installed on my laptop. Then I updated everything through the UPdate applicaiton in mac. Well know it just displays the COMPAQ LOGO then some texts then goes back and displays the logo again. I tryed booting up in a linux cd. and coping the file to a usb stick. But the file of my documents is locked? Anyidea on hwo to roll the update back or get my paper off?
  8. I can't seem to find a driver for my current laptop. So I was wondering what are some Wireless G USB Adaptors that people know work with 10.4.9?
  9. I'm trying to find a driver that will work on 10.4.9. I have a CompaqPresario C508US. I think it has a Intel card but I don't know themodel. Any help would be appericated. Thanks! I was told it might have a broadcom chipset but I don't know.