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problem- stuck at initial bios post boot screen

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okay so i got tubgirl 10.4.10 osx running smooth on a 120gb sata II hard drive , after instal it ran so good i decided to make it my main OS, so i formatted another 120 gb hard drive to use as storage for programs and stuff...format went fine, transfered all my stuff to it~ no problem...


Later i shut down the pc, and when i went to turn it on, the first screen shows cpu, memory test, then detect attached hdd's, so it detects them then freezes right there, wont go past unless i unplug the drive i formatted for storage, OSX still boots fine....Same thing happened when i decided i wanted to put it on my 350gb sata II drive, it installed fine but then after install- reboot it freezes right there at that screen...


Only way to fix is to unplug drive, let it get past that screen and press "esc" to get to boot options, then plug the drive back in, start either vista or xp install disc and delete the partitions..then they stop freezing the system...



any body got any ides about this please help!!

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