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Apple G3 iBook for Sale!


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Go check it out on ebay!!! The starting bid is $0.99 USD!!!


here: Apple A1005 iBook

Detailed Specifications:

Dual USB Model - A1005

12.1" LCD Screen

Mac OS X 10.4.10 "Tiger"

600 MHz G3 PowerPC Processor with 512 Kb L2 Cache

640 Mb RAM (128 Built-In and 512 Stick)

20 Gb Toshiba Hard Drive


Internal Dial-Up Modem

Internal Ethernet Adapter

Wireless Airport Card Included!!!!

Great Battery Life (4+ Hours of Operation)


Software Included:

Mac OS X 10.4 (4 Burned Back Up CDs Included)

Neo Office 2.2.1 (Alternative to MS Office)

Safari / Internet Explorer / Firefox Internet Browsers

OS X Mail / Thunderbird Email Clients

iChat / MSN Instant Messenger Clients

Transmission Torrent Client

iTunes / iPhoto / iCal / iMovie / iSync

Realplayer / Quicktime / WMV / VLC Multimedia Players

Gimp Photo Editor (Alternative to Adobe Photoshop)


What you Receive:

Apple A1005 iBook Notebook

Original Apple Brand AC Adapter

Mac OS X 10.4 Discs


NOTE: This Apple iBook has been refurbished for the dreaded Logic Board separation problem. Therefore, that is not a concern when purchasing this iBook.

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