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Installing to external USB hardrive


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hey guys...

first leme run you guys through specs:

JaS 10.4.8


im using a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600


2 SATA hardrives

Maxtor usb external hardrive powerd through AC power.


im trying to isntall mac osx to a external usb hardrive, ive followed the steps on wiki but once put the cd in and reboot i get the following message this is b4 the mac interface comes up to install


Extension "com.apple.iokit.IOUSBMassStorageClass has no kernel dependency"


After this i get the "amazing" message "Still waiting for root device"


Can an1 help me?


Thank You

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okay..i donloaded uphucks and it worked..i went to vista made the disk a master boot record and rebooted, now i select the hardrive to boot from and it just freezes at CLIENT MAC ADDR: 00 04 4B 09 A4 12 GUID 1E8AA21A-064B-0400-0000-000000000000 then

DHCP.... it continues producing dots ten sexits the NVIDIA Boot Agent because "No boot finename recieved"


Help would be greatly accpreciated


Thank You!

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