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  1. After a lot of search i came to a conclusion that no usb adapter could be controlled using the airport management so i got my self US Robotics Wirelss MAXg PCI Adapter - 125 Mbps 802.11g ( USR5417) which works out of the box with no need for any patching.
  2. thanks BuildSmart for your response , if you could please give me a particular brand and model that is tested to work with airport that would be fantastic. most of the adapters that have drivers for mac os x are detected as Ethernet controller.
  3. Would you please guys recommend a wireless usb adapter that works natively with airport on leopard.
  4. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    Guys, Does the camera works because i have dv 6560 when i use Phonebooth it all green
  5. Does VMWARE for windows support 3d acceleration and if yes what version and how?!!!
  6. System Profiler stopped closes quickly

    right click on the app you like to open using then click get info you will find open using rosetta then close the window. btw there is a profiler patch here just use the search function to get it.
  7. Idea: For Apple Software Update

    it is a fantastic idea, but here is the question do you know apple update server works?!!!!
  8. Update to 10.4.10

    you have to be familiar with the command line in single user mode to do it. there is a software called MacDrive which let you access your osx partition inside windows you can use it to restore your kernel and extensions.
  9. How can I know if my cpu support HPET?

    Thank you for your response. I used Everest and sandra they don not display whether a CPU supports HPET or not
  10. How can I know if my cpu support HPET or not? I searched the net and there were no tools I can use to identify if my cpu support HPET or not. Thanks In Advance
  11. VMWare 10.4.9 upchuck, problem

    get from demonoid (jas 10.4.7 repack) and then follow pcwiz guide it will work for you inside vmware.
  12. DMG doesn't mount - "Device not configured"

    open the termianl to check the kernel version type uname -a you can also use the command in BSD & linux
  13. Installing to external USB hardrive

    need ScreenShot
  14. Installing to external USB hardrive

    press f8 after you boot then type this cpus=1 platform=X86PC -v