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iphoto 08 stop working


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hi all


First thanks you all for this forum. Really usefull.

My problem is : I installed ilife 08 (legal version) on 9A527. Magic Garageband don't work, imovie don't work to but it seems to be like that for everybody. Iphoto was ok. I created events, organized my photos ... all was ok. I closed iphoto, used my computer for something else (nothing special i think) and since this time iphoto does not work anymore. It crash during loading photos. I uninstall and reinstall several times, try to repair permissions (don't know if it can be usefull, i'm new in this) but it still does not work.


i updated to 9A528d but it still does not work.

Have someone else this problem. I don't see anything related to this crash on the net so i don't know what i can try to make iphoto 08 working again


thanks anyway




ps: hope this is clear because english is not my first language

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