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What CPU will best for Apple Logic 7 or 8?


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so, i gonns buy CPU for Apple Logic 7 or 8, these CPUs: E6850 (2*3GHz) and Q6600 (4*2.4GHz) are both selling the same price, but which of these CPUs will provide better perfomance in Logic 7(8) sequencer?


i already have:

Gigabyte P35-DS3P

Chieftec power supply (CFT550W) 550W ATX (24+8+6+4pin)

TwinMOS DDR-II PC6400 - 2*1G

HDD Samsung HD321KJ 320GB


Gigabyte GeForce 7600GT 256Mb 2*DVI Silent-pipeII

and two 20.1" LCD displays LG L204WT

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the more then better, no? =)


theoretically yes, 4*2.4 have to be better, but practically i dont know does the software (logic and audio units) use the whole 4 cores at full power :(


BTW, why do you need CPU for Logic if you dont have decent soundcard yet?


if i didnt state my soundcard this is not means that i havent it! ;)

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