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[SELL]or[TRADE] 12" Ibook G4


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I have an Ibook G4 with a 1.02ghz processor, 30gb HDD, 768 mb of ram, slot loading combo drive, 12" screen....2 usb ports, 1 fire, 1 mini dv, 1 ethernet, 1 modem, AirPort Extreme Wireless included.


I also have a pseudo working ipod video I might be able to throw in...


Works perfectly except...if you hit the screen it blacks out, closing it and reopening it resolves this, or you could use an external monitor, hasn't been a huge dilemma for me, but I think I'm going back to the dark world of PCs....


I also have a Dell e1505 that works perfectly, it's a bit worn to the right and left of the touchpad where I rest my wrists... 1.6ghz core duo, 1gb ram, 80gb hdd, dvd-rw, etc...

Runs OS X almost flawlessly.


Make an offer, I guess

(I may be willing to trade for a pc laptop as well, depending)

They seem to go for between 400-475 on ebay.


Battery holds about a 3 hour charge.


If anyone is interested let me know!


pm or e-mail or aim


rob@sickmode.net (e-mail)

tigerbeatsux (aim)

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So, what are you asking for the iBook?

I'm not sure... I'll have to see what the current people are offering and get back to you... sorry for the slow reply.


If i don't hear from them again I'll give you a price though...or pm me.



ps. is this h3liX from DOA ?

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