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Won't boot after install


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ASRock P4i65G

Intel Celeron D 2.8Ghz

Intel 865G chipset (onboard video, but I'm getting a GeForce card)

1GB (2x512) Samsung DDR PC3200 SDRAM

PS/2 mouse and keyboard


The ISO was a 1.9GB ISO (1.19GB RARed) with no print drivers or other programs. I'm pretty sure it was Tiger and something like 10.4.2.


I don't think it's video drivers, I think my PC just doesn't know it exists and can't boot it.


On GParted, I have a 74GB hfs+ partition with no flags, and then a 200mb FAT32 partition with boot flags, but it has a warning logo next to it (yellow triangle with exclamation mark !).


When I make the partition within the install disc, do I have to make it bootable? I think I read that somewhere... thanks -_-

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