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Install success: "root device error fix". new problems


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My sig has my pc specs, HP m7680y. I have now successfully gotten over the "still waiting for root device" error first encountered when installing osx, noted by myself and others on this machine: sata only, incl. dvd drive. The root device this error referred to was not the sata dvd drive first suspected, but instead due to the HD device that OSX could not comprehend. The HDs that come in the m7600 series, and others, are not recognized by osx properly b/c they are in raid mode as set by intel's raid manager...

the workaround:

using uphuck 1.4i intel only

set sata mode in bios to IDE, not raid, this disable intel raid manager.

Use 1 HD that you can and will sacrifice to OSX.

the DvD should boot with no root device error.



I have a new problem, i think the partition i installed on is not active or something, because the loader doesn't load and the HD won't boot post install.. help plz?


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