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Fan control?


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Hi all. Finally got uphuck 10.4.9 v1.4i r3 happily booting on my P5B Deluxe (@C2D E6600 3.4ghz) mobo, sound (USB Toneport UX2 interface), ethernet (Marvell 88E8001)

and video (X1950XTX) having no issues at all, infact it's faster then my windows.


However, one thing that is very annoying is that i built my windows PC for optimum silence many because i do alot of recording now days, opting for two Noctuna NF-S12 (120mm) and an Artic Cooling Freezer CPU cooler. In windows and bootup of BIOS the fans are near silent due to the Q-fan control applied on them in the BIOS.

I boot OSx86 and run through bootup of the kernel nice and quiet until i get to the login screen then my fans kick in at full blast, which is quite noisy!


I know the system isn't overheating as i have thermal sensors on my front pannel.


Is there any ktexts or programs i can use to control my fans?

Or is it a case of buying an hardware front panel controller to plug my 3-pin fans into and control it myself.


I've tried searching the forums for anything but had little sucess in finding anything


Any help would be appreciated!


Cheers. :)


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I've tried this and smcfancontrol most of them only work with MBP fans. (They work wonders on my MBP!) but they do not work with desktop 3-pin based fans.


I have spent hours on google but to no success! :censored2::(



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