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The Accessory that doesn't exist


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You know there's a problem when the sales guy trying to accessorize your iPod can't come up with what you need.


Here's the deal. My car has a very nice sound system in it. Among other things, hitten in the center armrest are a set of standard RCA AV inputs. Now, with the layout of everything, to actually access my iPod/iPhone, I can have one and only one cable coming out of it: either the headphone jack or the dock connector. Being that it's a standard RCA input my system wants, the preamplified signal from the jack is not an option. (put a preamplified line into another amplifier and then you have to muddle with two different volume controls on every song).


There is a dock connector that plugs directly in to the RCA inputs. There is a dock connector that plugs directly into the lighter port. There is no connector that I can find that does both except for this: http://kyohaya.en.alibaba.com/product/5014...udio_Cable.html

From a translated page from a company I've never heard of with bad grammar. The image is all the explanation that's necessary.


The only other thing that came close falls woefully short- a belkin connector that has a jack with a volume wheel on it.


I need to get a line-level signal from the iPod to my car, while charging at the same time. Before I break apart a dock, I want to know what you guys know about accessories, and maybe if one of you knows where to find what I need.

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