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  1. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    No dice on 10.5.1 for the Sigmatel 9271 on the Intel DG33TL board. If anybody can find it useful, I've included the linux codec dump. This mess is giving me incentive to learn how to write an audio driver :/ Using the provided kexts from the first post results in an output device but no sound. Pity, since this was an awesome combo deal. I'm really not too happy about the state of Apple Audio Hardware support (or lack thereof). Then again, with processors these days, you probably don't need dedicated hardware processing for home PC use. I'm currently using the USB dongle that came with my voip headset as a pass-through to my speakers so I can get sound. stac9271.txt
  2. L34p4rd x2

    Got it installed and working based off of the retail image with some patching onto a Core Duo laptop - minus the ipw3945abg wireless of course. Fat chance of getting that to work, ever. Just waiting on AMD/SS3 patches for my real box.
  3. L34p4rd x2

    I'll phrase it a bit differently then... will the nvidia and sata kexts I already have (and that I know work) on my flash drive work on 10.5 as well? Again, it's going to be trial and error
  4. L34p4rd x2

    Now here's the really big question: are our drivers going to work? This is an AMD X2 (64 bit) machine with a GeForce 7900GT that took some serious work getting running on 10.4.10 (had to use JaS 10.4.8 with special patches, no other disk would install). It would be nice, but I'll settle for functional. Half the fun is getting it to work in the first place. The other half of the fun is the fact that I'm still 8 months out from affording a real Mac, and I likes my shinies.
  5. You know there's a problem when the sales guy trying to accessorize your iPod can't come up with what you need. Here's the deal. My car has a very nice sound system in it. Among other things, hitten in the center armrest are a set of standard RCA AV inputs. Now, with the layout of everything, to actually access my iPod/iPhone, I can have one and only one cable coming out of it: either the headphone jack or the dock connector. Being that it's a standard RCA input my system wants, the preamplified signal from the jack is not an option. (put a preamplified line into another amplifier and then you have to muddle with two different volume controls on every song). There is a dock connector that plugs directly in to the RCA inputs. There is a dock connector that plugs directly into the lighter port. There is no connector that I can find that does both except for this: http://kyohaya.en.alibaba.com/product/5014...udio_Cable.html From a translated page from a company I've never heard of with bad grammar. The image is all the explanation that's necessary. The only other thing that came close falls woefully short- a belkin connector that has a jack with a volume wheel on it. I need to get a line-level signal from the iPod to my car, while charging at the same time. Before I break apart a dock, I want to know what you guys know about accessories, and maybe if one of you knows where to find what I need.
  6. iPod Roundup

    ...has anybody else realized that it's just a PDA? Granted it's a PDA with 18GB of storage and an awesome media player, but it's still nothing more than what my old Palm m505 was, or my less-old Dell Axim. In fact, being that it's a PDA, it really doesn't do all that much more than music and basic internet, so far. Didn't stop me from ordering one though. TSA destroyed my iPod (and my glasses and my PSP) coming back from the West Coast, so I'm out an iPod at the moment, and I only listen to 2-4GB worth of songs/movies on a consistent basis anyways.
  7. Haha, this was good for a laugh on an otherwise mundane day. The Apple Product entry in the PC market is a specific construction of hardware and software. It's about scope. Apple doesn't make operating systems for PCs. The Mac "Solution" is both a hardware and software one. So if you say "But I don't want OS X" the response is "Don't buy a Mac". There's nothing anticompetitive involved. That's one of the problems with PCs... too much hardware. I'm pretty sure Linux could take off in an amazing direction if it didn't try to support every piece of hardware ever built. Wait, that's what Apple did. Nevermind.
  8. My iPod (60GB Video) is used primarily in my car while driving. It's too bulky for working out or walking or any portable use. It's too small for video. For that, I have a 57-inch TV. But in my car it's amazing. I have a cell phone with a 2GB microSD car in it that plays any file format you throw at it, and the phone is small and light had generally runs about 8 hours on battery playing music. So I won't be spending $500 for an iPhone without 3G (which is available here) and 2 hour battery life. There will probably be a touchscreen iPod with video in a similar format to the iPhone. This is "Apple's big year" and June 11th isn't that far into the year.
  9. I couldn't resist I like it- a lot. Hello tabbed panels instead of an uncontrolled mass of floating windows in the way. I'm still buying this (money's already gone).
  10. Gaim is now Pidgin

    AIM - no major improvements since 1998, except to include adware, spyware, and AOL-premium related content. gaim- new versions every few months, completely implements the OSCAR protocols (AIM doesn't, oddly), and does logging. That's the condensed version. Personally, I'm a fan of trillian. I like keeping my contact list simple (no buddy icons), and gaim's interface is just too bulky for my tastes (also, you can't change it much). I can see why AOL wanted the disassociation with gaim/Pidgin though. gaim makes AIM look really bad.
  11. QT4 is cross platform, and KDE4 is 100% QT4. You can get QT4 from trolltech.org (it's free), and if you want them, the frameworks and sources to do your own development . KDE4 will be cross platform when it's done. You might have to do a little compiling of your own, but I'm sure somebody will provide binaries for all the major systems.
  12. A HappyMac Hac!

    On PPC and older models, the image is part of the bios. On Intel models, it's a silent splash screen so you don't see the kernel loading information. The closest I think you can get to what you want would be either to try and change the splash image (if possible- those are normally compiled into the kernel or as an initrd image) or get a motherboard that supports boot images (my Asus A8N-SLI does, for example).
  13. Gnome on Mac

    As gtk is itself not portable to OS X, and since the gtx-osx project is in a relatively early stage of alpha development, I'm surprised that you got gnome working that far. My question for you, though, is why replace the window manager?
  14. Cocoa Tutorial

    #include <QApplication> int main() { return qApp.exec(); } Easy windows in C or C++ using Qt. Possibly Objective-C also, I haven't tried it yet. I'm too used to doing my own memory management. The only thing I don't like about XCode is that there's no way to associate other file types (like .ui ). However, you can just right-( or alt-) click on them, and open them in Finder, and you can associate them in Finder instead. (note: .ui is for QT's user interface file, for use with QT Designer )
  15. It's a pun. And it's marketing. The official name is "OS X", so it's whatever is easiest to say. I still just call it "Mac OS".