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Strange wifi issue (need help)


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Ok first I installed 10.4.6 and after install it actually looked up the wifi for my laptop. No harm no fuss it was great. I then decided to search for some stuff on the internet and play around with the mac OS. All of a sudden out of the blue the connection was gone. I didn't do anything that I know of to make it happen. I then went to find a wifi finder app. I found a great one jiwire and was back in buisness. After a day or two I decided to upgrade to 10.4.9. Right from the start I was having issues. First let me say I'm new to mac's OS so I'm not sure if this is an easy fix or not. I can't seem to get online now after upgrading. I went to jiwire and it brings up no hot spots at all. I know there is an issue now becuase it should list mine allong with four others. I tried other apps and still a no go. Anyone have any ideas.


My setup is a dell xps gen two laptop.

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