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Dell XPS M170


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I have a Dell XPS m170 notebook computer which was quite possibly the most expensive mistake i have ever made. That aside, i have several times attempted to install the JaS 10.4.7 release. Everything goes grand until i hit the actual installation phase where the installer is copying files and what not. after about...well after a few minutes (before the bar is even at 25%) the installer tells me that there was an error with the installation and i should try again. So i've done that. and i tried the 10.4.8 release as well. but still, no dice. If anyone has any advice (preferably someone with the same system :], but everyone else is welcome to chip in as well) i would be glad to give it audience.


Here are my specs:

Seagate Momentus 5400.3 156.24GiB SATA HDD

nVidia GeForce Go 6800 Ultra

Intel Pentium M 2.00GHz (sse2)

Broadcom 570x (network card)

SigmaTel C-Major audio card (AC'97 rings a bell)


keep in mind i am a nub at this. but im good at following instructions :]

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it seems it runs on the m170 , i wanted that system but never came to Puerto Rico, instead i went for the 9300.


Kind of the same system specs, hope you can find more info and install it well.

byebye =)

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haha be glad you didnt get it. since december 12, 2005, i have had the following parts fail and be replaced under warranty:


keyboard x1

video card x1

motherboard x2

power adapter x3

speakers x1

lcd x1

hard drive x2 (and i bought a third on my own)



thanks btw

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