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Guide for getting Asus EAX700 Pro 256mb supported


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Hey, I found it very difficult to understand how exactly to get the Asus EAX700 Pro (with Device ID: 5E4B) supported, and after a lot of searching on the forum I created this guide of a lot of topics and posts. So I used parts of other posts.


Want to get your Asus x700 card QE and CI supported?!

Here we go...


First of all you need a few files:


1. The z0rz v0.2 script: HERE

2. The app Mighty Mouse: HERE

3. And the antitear cursor: HERE


Getting your Graphics card to work:


1. Remember your device ID is: 5E4B

2. Unzipp the z0rz script and copy the directory ' ATIScript.z0rz.v0.2' to your desktop

3. Open Applications > Utilities > Terminal


Note: Terminal is case sensitive, and sometimes you have to use spaces, just follow the guide closely!


4. Type:


cd ~/Desktop/ATIScript.z0rz.v0.2/ATIProj

sudo ./builddoe.sh 5e 4b

sudo ./doe.sh cal6 0x0x0 1 1

sudo nano -w /System/Library/Extensions/ATIRadeon9700.kext/Contents/Info.plist


5. Type in your password

6. Hold ctrl and press v, do this two times till you see a line which says something like:

<key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0x4E441$

7. Place your cursor in this line with the arrow-keys and move to the right

8. Make sure you ' move' the line, you will know what I mean if you move the cursor to the right with your arrow-key

9. Then look for the group you have to edit (just look for the groups on the left and right of the bold group in the example beneath and compare them to yours in nano)


0x4E441002 0x41441002 0x4E481002 0x41481002 0x41501002 0x4E501002 0x41521002 0x4E541002 0x4A481002 0x4A491002 0x4A4A1002 0x4A4B1002 0x4A4C1002 0x4A4D1002 0x4A4E1002 0x5E4B1002 0x5B621002 0x3E501002 0x4E561002 0x5B641002 0x3E541002


10. Edit this group like in the example (So you have to edit the group which was 'standard' to 0x5E4B1002)

11. Then hit ctrl + v to save, check if under in the black stroke the filename is correct (the same as before you opened it with nano) and hit enter

12. Hit ctrl + x to exit.

13. Finaly type in terminal:


sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache

kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions


14. Exit terminal

15. Then go to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility

16. Select the disk or partition you installed OS X on, and click on 'repair disk permissions'


17. Reboot OS X

18. Then go to System Preferences > Displays and check if there is a list of resolutions

If there is, congratulations your X700 card is supported!


Now we are going to fix the mouse tearings:


1. Install the Mighty Mouse, ignore the register pop-ups.

2. Reboot OS X

3. Unzipp the AntiTear2.zip file and then run it. Again ignore the register pop-ups.


Now you shouldn't have mouse tearings any more!


If I made a mistake in my guide please post...

I just wanted to do something back to this community:)



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Hi Every one... thi is my first post LOL :D im try to put hackintosh my hp... I well done with sucess... I wont only thank to you people of this site... and eny moderator makes this possible... for me was a really beleve me very difficult but not imposible... :rolleyes: the only things I can't do is the QE not supported on my info hardware vga i follow koverg guid and I make it with callisto too... now my VGA card works and the resolutions is very good native one 1280x800x32@60Hz if enybody knows how I can do for install QE on my card, please send me... thank you again.. evryone again... and sorry 4 my english.. :angel: you are a measin... all of you forum cool... ( when I installed osxideneb i put my personal ID name last name and phone number ecc... is this Dangeruous??? ) thanks again... :D:D:D:D


ok now I have QE supported.... lol.. i make Enable from osx86Tools a I make Enable Quartz Extreme... lol restart and now all workss goooodd :(


ahh I Forgered... what means IC????? where I can see this works or not??? :D

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no ho svagliato cavolo... pensavo che fosse il QE abilitato ma dal Osx86Tools ho soltanto avilitato Quartz GL... il Quartz Extreme non e' abilitato ancora.. mi dice Non supportato... x cio nn posso riprodurre i dvd filmati.. mi vien fuori errore 70017... qualcuno sa darmi una mano con i QE?? e IC??(anche se nn ho capito cos'e'???!!!!!!

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