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  1. I choose Obama because he's inspiring and, in contrast to Bush, a very good leader I think (hope:P).
  2. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    Hi I'm having a problem during the installation with the retail DVD. I get the error: root filesystem is read-only: Skipping kernel link data generation.. Then after 10 minutes or so it goes to the Leopard background with the spinning beach-ball-thing and there (I think) it remains all the time. Here is an image of the error (sorry for the bad quality btw:)) IMAGE LINK If the image doesn't load or something see the attachments..
  3. Need help with boot-123!

  4. Need help with boot-123!

    Hey, I have been away from InsanelyMac for quite some time now and clearly I missed some important things.. I want to have a Leopard installation, via the boot-123 method. The problem is I don't fully understand how this works. - Does anyone know of a guide for boot-123 which is understandable (for n00bs)? - Do I have to create a fat32 partition to install the retail image on (just like some time ago)? - Can I run this retail OS X in a dual-boot with vista? - How do I know which kexts I must replace?!? I searched the forums but I couldn't find a good explanation on how to install os x with boot-123, so can anyone help me please? Thnx
  5. Asus x700 pro driver for Leopard?

    Damn I guess its time to buy a new graphics card:P
  6. Asus x700 pro driver for Leopard?

  7. Asus x700 pro driver for Leopard?

    Hey, When I had Tiger I managed to get my asus EAX700 Pro to work. But now I have Leapard (Leo4allv2) and the driver doesn't work anymore... Is there any way to get QE - CI support? Thnx
  8. Ipod Video 5G As Ipod Touch!

    I wish I had one. But I don't want to spend a lot of money on it. I am thinking of buying an iPod Touch 16gb, I saw one for 200 euro:P
  9. Ipod Video 5G As Ipod Touch!

    It's very buggy and it lags like hell. There is another hack, Hybrid 3.5, which is a little bit better. The graphics are better than the Touch to video hack (it even has a bottom positioned dock like in OS X). But still they both suck... I like the standard firmware (The only hack I use is the one which allows you to play downloaded games). btw no offence to the developers who put a lot of time in these hacks
  10. Happy Birthday To....Mac OS X!

    My first OS X was 10.4.6 Tiger (JaS version:)). I still have the dvd BTW It's my birthday today! 18 at last...
  11. Does anyone know if ATI X700 pro works with this release or other leopard releases?
  12. New AMD DVD for leopard

    No this is only for AMD There are other releases for Intel
  13. New AMD DVD for leopard

    Hey, I installed Leopard and all went fine. Then I got a kernel panic and I booted with -x -v options. I followed a guide to get my x700 pro working but then when I boot there is a graphical boot screen (no white text appearing on the screen but only the Apple logo with a spinning thing) and then I get the 4 language error. My question now is how do I get past this panic? Because I can't hit F8 anymore when I try to boot; it just goes directly to the Apple logo... Thx
  14. Hey, I think the search topic function is very handy but now it doesn't work anymore... For example when I type in the searchfield 8800gtx and in that same topic the word 8800gtx is posted a few times -> Then in the search results it states that there is no match. I tried this several times but I think it doesn't work So could and would anyone fix this?! Many thanx in advance