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Upgrade to 10.4.10 using 8.9.1 with AMD SSE2


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Hi all, I am running a uphuk 1.3 on AMD SSE2 3200. I want to upgrade to 10.4.10 using my kernel (I already known that is impossible use the newest kernel because there isn't still the kernel source).

I already try to update few times but i always get kernel panic after reboot... The procedure I follow is quite simple:

- backup kernel and extensions ( SYSTEM.kext IOATAFAMILY.kext IOPCIFAMILY.kext IONDRVSUPPORT.kext APIC E ACPI kext )

- run update but not restart

- fix the permission in console using diskutils and reboot

- boot with -v -f


but I always get kernel pacnic! Where i make mistake ? I miss the emulator of SSE2 ? Is better backup and restore *all* extensions ? (in extensions directory i have about 150 kext :D )


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