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  1. Hi all, i have a gigabyte 8600 gt on my old pc can i use it on my new mac pro ? will i have problem with firmware of video card ? could i change the bios of my video card to one mac-efi compatible ? Regards
  2. Geforce 6600 LE on Leopard

    It's the same for me... With NVInject did not work for me... macgirl do u try natit also in leopard and dual view works ? I read about your detail that you has GPU: Geforce 6600 PCI-E 256MB W/QE & CI, TV out also (working with NVinject) in leopard ? On leopard with Geforce 6600 i get work only the monitor not the tv
  3. New AMD DVD for leopard

    Please test software like iphoto and imovie and cs3 photoshop. You could create a new post to check all software and compatibility! Best regards
  4. Geforce 6600 LE on Leopard

    Thank you for reply but I don't understand a think... Why i need the Marvin's utility? Are you talking for the update to 10.5.1 ? Should I simply put the id into all 3 files ? Corrects ? Regards
  5. I'm using the mac.nub installer on leopard with geforce 6600 LE ( I use these option 8800 with AMD fix and 256mb in NVinject like it was wrote in the installer). I change the id into Geforce.kext using the id of my video card 0142: <string>0x014210de</string> but it's the same and nothing works! Anyone could help ? Regards.
  6. Dimenticavo che qua ci sono italiani!! Leggete tutto il thread che vi ho postato... Per risolvere il problema del kernel panic basta rimuove due file Geforce.text e NVDAResman.kext è tutto scritto lì... Cmq la release funziona basta solo applicacirci i kext per il vostro sistema. Alla faccia di iATKOS che deve ancora uscire......
  7. New AMD DVD for leopard

    I think the most important think is fix the problem about the network. I have disable the dhcp on macosx but i still get freeze, i had to disable also on my router ? Do u known if that problem is only with the ethernet card on nforce4 ? Regards
  8. Porto alla gentile attenzione dei soli visitatori del forum in intaliano questo thread http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=73524 finalmente una versione di leopard per amd! Da installare e basta, senza le solite procedure pre e post-installazione... Io l'ho già provata e funziona perfettamente. Saluti
  9. New AMD DVD for leopard

    It works also for me... I remove Geforce and NVDAResman and then it works. Only a small fix the hd doesn't boot i had to left the dvd inside to boot from my sata hd ? Any solution for that ? Anyway GREAT RELEASE Regards!
  10. New AMD DVD for leopard

    Could you write if there are kext like natit or support for wireless or other drivers ? Do you create an iso for your personal system ? And The md5 sum of iso... Regards
  11. Does anyone get works WPA on ralink rt2500 pci/usb cards ? I can use it only without wpa! Regards
  12. mobo a8n-vm +amd 3200+ problemi installazione

    Ciao hai poi risolto il problema con la asus ? Io ho quella scheda madre e anche a me si blocca come a te ? Hai qualche consiglio da darmi ? Grazie mille
  13. Thank you for reply. I'll try tonight then I'll report if I success! Regards
  14. Hi all, i already known that geforce 8600 are not supported but could they work in vesa mode ? Not using QE, CI etc? I try to change my 6600 with 8600 but i get the usually screen hold on end restart the pc. My videocard has 256mb ddr3 is it possible get work in vesa mode only ? Regards.
  15. I also have a geforce 8600Gt 256 ddr3, but is there a way to help you ? If you need something to get info about that hardware ( login ssh or other appleremote ) to test just ask! Regards.