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Can I leave nVidia SLi setup intact?


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Hello all I was wondering if I can leave both video cards in (7600GT SLi) and let OS X boot. I understand theres no SLi support on OS X but I would be happy if it just would run on one card without letting me take out the 2nd card out of the motherboard. Is it possible? or do I need to take out the 2nd card everytime I want to get in OS X? Thanks all.


Here's my configuration if anyone is interested:

ABIT AN8 SLi Motherboard (nForce4 SLi chipset)

AMD Athlon64 3000+ Socket939 Processor

XFX GeForce 7600 GT in SLi

Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi (will use Realtek ALC850 onboard sound for OS X)

Kingston HyperX DDR400 PC3200 4GB (4x1GB) (Dual Channel)

Windows XP Professional SP2

Windows Vista Ultimate

WD Raptor X SATA 150GB HDD (x3)

Zalman ZM-600HP 600W Modular PSU

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