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sucess, decent working hackpro, under $1000


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So after fideling with osx86 on my laptop i wanted to build a new pc as i didnt have one...i play some games in winblows so i wanted best of both worlds...


I use the 10.4.8 jas dvd

what i got was..


gigabyte P35-DS3


Out the box everything worked except ethernet/sound :rolleyes:

I patched Ethernet, but i havnt had a crack at sound yet..


2gb ocz elite 1000, works fine i guess


e65500 2.3 clocked to 3.15


320gb ide drive, ill be giving sata ago in afew weeks when i get a new gpu


asus 7100gs 128mb, $40 card, but i get full support using titan.


i might wait till 8series cards are supported or get a ATi card.


acer 19" lcd via dvi


so far so good, much better os x experience than the laptop..


if anyone knows how i can get audio working, id be gratefull, and also what webcams work that i can use photobooth with..



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