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Where to get window apps...


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First let me say:

1. We have been loyal Mac users since my first Apple IIGS in about 85... Every computer since has been a Mac...typing on a G5 as we speak (so don't bite off my head)

2. I just bought a PC laptop (with Vista- Yuk) so I have something I can through the hood on the subway without getting robbed. (also will be good for keygens)


Anyway... I need to know where to get PC apps from a safe reliable tracker...


I trust the BS community for my Mac stuff but not sure how I feel about Apps from the demon one or tpb, etc... While they are good for movies, etc...Instaling software on a PC scares the hell out of me. I have seen infected PCs and have never had to worry about that before.



So where do I go for PC apps?

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He/she said reliable.


Get invited on a private tracker (not by me, check the invite section here on InsanelyMac).

You have better chance to get untouched releases there. Good to have a community where malware infested releases is quickly discovered and alerts given.


Only get apps when they are in their release format (multi-rar archives zipped original zips/rar from release group). You can cross-check sfv hashes from elsewhere to verify integrity of volumes.


Prefer serials over keygens, prefer keygens over cracks. Best is when you can download app from official creator site which you can then register with serial.


Use demonoid, tpb, etc for media stuff (audio, video, books, etc); avoid these for windows software. You'd have to be pretty desperate to get apps there. I'm NOT saying apps are all bad there, just that you have better chance to get infested there then on a tighter community.


In doubt, buy.


In ANY case, get a good antivirus (nod, kaspersky, etc), a soft-firewall (for outgoing checkup; some are free: zonealarm, comodo, etc), and a router with integrated firewall when connecting to the net. And prefer Opera or Firefox over Internet Explorer (although these can be vulnerable on occasion). Block pop-ups, ads, etc; ...


Good luck.

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Additional infos:


Get yourself an imaging software (Acronis TrueImage, Symantec Ghost, etc) with which you can take a snapshot of your system partition, and restore in case of problems.


Of course, all these tips i've given somewhat tend to paranoia... Most of apps on demonoid are probably quite clean... but a single exception can give you regrets.


You should also consider open source alternatives: OpenOffice.org instead of MS Office, if you can; the GIMP instead of Photoshop/Fireworks; Scribus instead of InDesign/Quark; Audacity instead of SoundForge/Wavelab; etc. There are sites that propose/compare those alternatives to the commercial ones; one example is OSALT.

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