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lots of problems:)


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First of all, hi everyone!


and now the big list of {censored}:


uphuck 10.4.9 1.3 - on -

dell dimension 3000

w/ 3.4 p4ht'ing

ac97 soundmax sound

nvidia pci fx5200 video card

2gb ram

860gb of internal hard drives, various type and configurations

dual booting vista and this uphuck


no sound, no multi monitor availability, and no idea what i'm doing


I don't know what a kext file is or where to put it, although I did download one for ac97 sound


the upside is that i'm very good at following directions

can someone help me?


thanks in advance for all the help and noob name-calling:)

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Ok so what are the problems, are they


No Sound

No Multi Monitor

and you have no idea what you are doing


Are those the problems?


If so, try external speakers and see if that works.

I didnt know that Mac supported multiple monitors, if they do I have NO idea how. :happymac:

and, I have little knowledge of what I am doing as well so your not alone and we all learn at some time, some of us before others so just keep browsing the forums and learning all that you can.

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