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I have just registered so I am not allowed to start a topic of my own until I have posted in 5 other topics, hence this "hijack" (sorry to origionator of this post).


I am experimenting because I have been told that what I want to do is impossible i.e. the exact oposite of it being easy. I believe my error is when darwin is running. A GIF of the screenshot has been attached to this post.


It says its loading NullCPUPowerManagement from 4230480

Invalid front-side bus frequency 45Hz.

Disabling the CPU ...


I am attempting to create a Hackintosh on Windows Virtual PC under Windows 7. I know it has been done on VMWare, but it is large and the available downloads include a pirated VMWare hence collegues are reluctant to try it. Windows Virtual PC is freely downloadable so would reach a much larger audiance.


To get this far I had to write my own vitual DVD software to mount the dmg as accessing a physical drive does not give you enough to read "the $26 disk" (2 weeks from starting).


The purpose of this post is for somebody to point me at "a little light reading" for the next stage. Unfortunatly I don't know if I need to learn about darwin, OSX install or custom kext next from my error.


You come highly recomended so thanks in advance.


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