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  1. I am now stuck again. I have put extra verbose statements in Chameleon and got :- I got these by putting extra "verbose" statements in fake_efi.c & smbios_patcher.c (I am not permitted to upload this type of file). I also hacked gui.c so that you have to press any key before the screen wrap when you display too much text for one screen. The screen is too big for the Windows Virtual Machine so I had to dump the top and bottom separately and put them together. The real CPU is virtualised, so 1 core in smbios_patcher and the speeds in fake_efi are what I expect. The defaults from smbios_patcher look OK (the zeros are from Platform.RAM.Type & Platform.RAM.Frequency so defaults are used). When I hit a key the machine powers off (i.e. no kernel panics). My MAC contact is non-technical so can compile source changes to Chameleon for me but is no more help. I have a linux contact I was expecting to help me when I got to write custom kexts, but I can't even get into sudo yet. He looked at things and decided there may be a problem with hpet etc. so he hacked me a Linux install that used DSDT.aml like chameleon does. The default from the virtual machine also crashed the Linux kernel so I read through the topics and created one that works fine with the hacked Linux install and loaded that. No change. I am now out of inspiration an definitely in hackintosh/MAC territory so would appreciate some suggestions about what could still be wrong. *** EDIT 03 June 2010 *** Thanks for the info, I have more to look at now. I am especially grateful for those who look at topics as they are updated so can spot my entries before I have done enough posts to be allowed to start a new topic !!
  2. Sorry to "hijack" this post but I have not done enough posts to start a new topic. I have written my own boot0 & boot1 to get to this :- because none of the boot loaders in the binary release can handle the conditions inside the machine. My bootloader knows where initrd.img is and it's size, so can somebody point me at the documentation to allow me to pass the info into Chameleon. The disk image was extracted from a USB stick so I have not yet got to the point where i can run sudo, I have to setup the modified kexts etc in the ramdisk so it does not disable the CPU so I really do need to be pointed at the documentation or pointed at a better forum than this to ask the question. ** EDIT 15 May 2010 ** Thanks for the PM I am now moving on again
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    I have just registered so I am not allowed to start a topic of my own until I have posted in 5 other topics, hence this "hijack" (sorry to origionator of this post). I am experimenting because I have been told that what I want to do is impossible i.e. the exact oposite of it being easy. I believe my error is when darwin is running. A GIF of the screenshot has been attached to this post. It says its loading NullCPUPowerManagement from 4230480 Invalid front-side bus frequency 45Hz. Disabling the CPU ... I am attempting to create a Hackintosh on Windows Virtual PC under Windows 7. I know it has been done on VMWare, but it is large and the available downloads include a pirated VMWare hence collegues are reluctant to try it. Windows Virtual PC is freely downloadable so would reach a much larger audiance. To get this far I had to write my own vitual DVD software to mount the dmg as accessing a physical drive does not give you enough to read "the $26 disk" (2 weeks from starting). The purpose of this post is for somebody to point me at "a little light reading" for the next stage. Unfortunatly I don't know if I need to learn about darwin, OSX install or custom kext next from my error. You come highly recomended so thanks in advance.