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Still waiting for root device


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i am trying to install JaS 10.4.8 but after i put my dvd in for installation it does a few tests and then hangs and keeps saying "still waiting for root device"


It is a laptop pc

Compaq R4000

AMD64 3500+

ATI X200


i created a partition 10gb and converted it to AF and everything...still no luck.


any help would be appreciated, thanks


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I have exactly the same problem.


By my this happens because I try to install from an USB DVD drive (since my internal one of my laptop is broken).

Once the osX install loads its USB drives it looses its connection to the DVD drive and can't access its files anymore.


Until now I don't know a fix for this.

Anyone who knows how to skip the usb enabling of the install DVD. I don't need it?


Also I currently have no OS on my laptop but I can boot in a live Linux and while in it dd the dvd to my harddrive. But I don't know how to do that so that I than can start the install from the hard drive.


I will keep looking myself and post if I find anything.

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