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New Hackintosh - advice needed.

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I'm really interested in building a Hackintosh. Problem is I'm relatively broke! I mean, I'd honestly go down the 2nd hand Mac route if I had the money, but I don't. I have a MacBook at present and I'd like to get a static computer running OSX in my house.


Here are the requirements. I'd like you special people to help me find the perfect budget/mid-range parts for this. If it runs to the standard of the 1.25Ghz G4 eMac I'll be happy! Core 2's won't be necessary, I wouldn't mind a Pentium-D or even a Celeron - this is only going to be for light work really. Anyway, I don't need a screen, keyboard or mouse so don't worry about factoring that into the budget.


I guess the budget is £200 or so - I don't mind keeping onboard graphics.Bits and pieces I have lying around are - 40 and 20GB ATA IDE disks, USB keyboard and mouse, 15" LCD, MSI MS-7015 motherboard, DVD RW drive, Nvidia GeForce FX5200 and a 6600 LE (maybe a Voodoo 3 if I look hard enough!)


Hopefully you can help! The main component I really need to know specifically I guess is the motherboard - something that is very much supported within OSX. Thanks in advance!


Edit: Sorry, wrong forum!

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Right, after further deliberation (and I know this is the wrong section, sorry! Please move ASAP, mods) I've made this list of parts to buy.


Gigabyte S775 Intel 945GZ MATX HD 8CH Audio GLan VGA



Intel Celeron 347 S775 3.06GHz 512Kb



Crucial 2x512MB 240Pin DIMM PC2-4200 NonECC Unbuffered CL4



Tower with 400W PSU



Good choice? Bad choice? Discuss. Comes out around £120 or $240 if that's how you roll.

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