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  1. wiped cmos - got it to boot once and install a Kalyway disk, but now I'm stuck at "verifying DMI pool data". tried f11 bios same thing. This board is pissing me off like nothing I've ever encountered. I'm seriously thinking about ripping it out and putting my bad axe 2 board back in. I lost an entire day on a system that was fine yesterday, I just wanted a reinstall. Unbelievable.
  2. {censored}! Help! So my install was working great - but recently I kept getting panics all the time. I decided to start over. Did the method as shown here on my other installed drive (from the "crashy" install onto another drive.) Rebooted - it booted intothe old install, so I booted from a Klayway DVD and wiped the old install. Now I get the com.apple.boot.plist error, and it won't boot. Tried a clean install from Kaly, figuring I'd use it to get a "vanilla" setup using the method we have posted here. Still no boot. Tried GUID and MBR on both drives (Kalyway install) just so I can get SOMETHING running so I can use the install pack method to set up a clean vanilla install on another drive. When I tried messing with active partitions, I got a hang at "Verifying DMI pool data" on bootup. That was scary.... Rebooted and was able to get the Kalyway DVD booted.. on 4th install attempt right now. This time trying MBR again... What's going on here? I had a great setup with a retail DVD/ EFI install - but now I can't get ANYTHING installed... HELP!?!
  3. Sweet! Thanks. I'll give it a shot when I get home tonight. I'm assuming your boot.plist had the strings for both the video and audio? (I'm not at my hack, so I can't compare at the moment...)
  4. Can I get a copy of your EFIString? I'm already using the sting that was posted for my XFX 7600GT, and it's working fine. I'd like to try getting rid of ALCinject as well.
  5. Is it in the zip file in your first post? I'll give it a shot - it would be nice to get that IDE drive back....
  6. I'm up and running - EFI gave me boot problems so I'm on MBR. Everything is functional now, but I noticed I can't see the one IDE drive I have. 3 SATA drives and a SATA burner are showing up fine. Any thoughts on what's up with my IDE? I'm using the kexts included in the pack.
  7. This is an odd one... My hack has been working fine until recently. It started with my iPod occasionally not mounting / showing up in iTunes until I rebooted. I blamed it on the iPod, but now I find USB and firewire driver are exhibiting the same behavior. System profiler will show them listed under USB and/or firewire devices and recognizes them for what they are, but the don't mount or show up in disk utility. My USB keyboard, etc. seem to be fine. I did notice one time in the past I had to hot plug my webcam (x-box USB cam) in order for the system to see it, but believe that was only once. Before it was only happening occasionally, but as of last night, this is consistently happening. Is there a particular kext the handles external storage devices that may be causing the issue? I on ToH Leo install, updated to 10.5.1 - not using EFi at this time. Bad Axe 2 board. Any ideas?
  8. Same symptoms as Axe here.
  9. kuchdawg - that's kinda what I was thinking. If we can figure out a way to just feed it the uuid string it's looking for, perhaps it would stop asking every time we spawn a process...
  10. Well, at least that's a start...
  11. http://developer.apple.com/technotes/tn/tn1103.html Does this help anyone get any insight? Error 35... driving me.. insane... must... fix... nnnnnghnn
  12. That's crazy talk! Stick with the fully working one. I love my Bad Axe..
  13. Well, the HCL seems to show that your hardware looks OK. There are never any guarantees, but there's only way to find out for sure....
  14. Best Intel Motherboard for OSX86

    Thumbs up to the Bad Axe 2. LAN, SATA, Firewire, USB, PATA, all work OOB. A simple patch gets audio working. See the walkthrough posted in these forums...
  15. whats your favorite anime/manga

    Currently watching : Bleach Zombie Loan (done) Claymore Heroic Age Devil May Cry (done) School Waiting for : Black Lagoon - next season Next gundam series Gundam Seed Movie