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OSX doesnt display my CPU as SSE3, only SSE2, why?


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I finally got my OSX installed, went through 30 or so installs back and forth to finally get the best working one with everything being supported.


So I have a Dell Optiplex GX270, it has a P4 3.2GHz cpu with 1gig of RAM. Now I have an identical machine that I have WindowsXP loaded on there and CPUz shows this cpu as being a SSE3 enabled CPU.


Any iteration of OSX I install, 10.4.8, 10.4.9, or 10.4.10, the Profiler never shows SSE3, only SSE2. If I try to use the 8.10.1 kernel, it panics, so currently Im using the 8.9.1 kernel.


Is there something I missed in getting this sucker to handle SSE3 kernel or is it truly not capable of it and just sit on the 8.9.1 kernel without SSE3 and live with it?



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