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  1. No RAID setup, just a standard setup. Whats been bugging me is how this same setup on SnowLeopard works fine. And thats HDD has the latest Chameleon 2.1 r1943 your Hackinstaller installed. So I dont think its the bootloaders since clearly it works on SnowLeopard but not on Lion for some odd reason. I tried to redo the DSDT using your 7.1, still no go. Tried latest v1.10 r1394 Chimera, still same issue. So told it to use the DSDT from my SnowLeopard install, same thing (keeps sitting at Waiting for DSMOS...). But if I put DSDT=no, it errors saying CPU configuration incorrect and basically kernel panics. Also tried the Combo Cache and that didnt help either. Not sure why this cant seem to get past a DSMOS issue. In case I didnt mention it I have a Gigabyte EX58-UD4P with an i7 920 and 6gb DDR 1600mhz RAM (3 slots only) and an XFX HD 6870 video card, so nothing out of the ordinary there. Dixit
  2. I finally got around to trying Lion on a 3rd HDD and ran into a few issues. I have a EX58-UD4P. Works flawlessly on my Snow Leopard on the second HDD. First issue was the USB would not boot fully, kept stopping at BootCache.Playlist missing or something like that. Finally fixed that by putting the PCEFI 10.6 bootloader on the USB boot disk. Then got it to install and boot into Lion. Ran the Hackinstaller and put the 2.1 RC5 bootloader and all the necessary kexts. Rebooted and it keeps freezing at Waiting for DSMOS. So tried putting fakesmc.kext in S/L/E but still same problem. So then put tried the other bootloader from the Hackinstaller (chimera) and same thing. So then tried the PCEFI boot file again and it works. But problem there is it doesn't seem to read my EFI string or all the kexts in the Extra folder. Also don't believe it is Lion friendly either. Is there another bootloader I can try that doesn't have this Waiting for DSMOS issue that I seem to have? I've tried 4 different fakesmc.kext and 3 different bootloader. Thanks Dixit