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Does Nvida Gforce 7600 256 Mb Ram Works on osx86?


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Hi :P


well.. i have installed the osx (Jas AMD mac 10.4.8) on my AMD Asus M2NPV - VM but doesnt work for me -_- My problem was the video card :wacko: i have the Vcard integrated to my Mother Board and this card was not compatible with mac, so... i bought a Nvida Gforce 7600 with 256 Mb Ram Video Card.. ;)


now my question is... this card works?


i've read a few comments about this card, but all this comments talks about 512 mb RAM and i have 256mb...


and will i need to re-install the osx to get it works??



help me please :rolleyes:


( my english is horrible :P )

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Yes , this card works , at least if its an PCIe card. 


I use an 7600 GT 256 MB card. HAs two DVI-out. I use one of them. NO Problems.


Without any changes, you get (booting from X86 DVD or after install) an Screen Output

but no QE/CI (slow).


To get QE/CI , use NATIT or TITAN (search for that here) extension.


Newer and much better is NVINJECT (from gotho).




The NVINJECT works also with unmodified , orig. NV Drivers from Apple Updates (use Pacifist).

Some cards, i dont know if 7600 GT also, must edit NV driver files (.plist) to add PCIe ident numbers.

NVINJECT is much newer and dont need that, also has no problems with newest, orig. NV driver (10.4.10).


All 3 above are not Drivers itself, their job is to "tell" OS X that your card is compatible and

the orig. Drivers can sue all acceleration (QE/CI) features and not safe framebuffer mode (means

CPU must do all work to show screen content).

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