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Fingerprint reader

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I have a IBM (/Lenovo) ThinkPad T43 (2668-4gg) with an integrated fingerprint reader. Is it possible to get it to work, so I can log in to my hackintosh with it? :ninja:


I read about someone who bought a Sony Puppy Fingerprint reader. Is there any way to get it to work with my fingerprint reader?


I've tried it in Linux with ThinkFinger and BioAPI, via a guide on ThinkWiki.org (http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Integrated_Fingerprint_Reader). Have (or can) it be ported to Mac OS X? :P

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Hi there


I also been doing some search regarding this, i found some software verifinger SDK, that says that supports my fingerprint sensor AESXXXX from autentech i don't remember the model number now.


The device is viewable on the USB probe... so i guess is just a matter of getting a working driver!


OS X has built in software for fingerprint reading?


As soon as i finish my exams i will start working at my Syntek webcam, fingerprint sensor, and my ricoh card reader!



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