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Building Hackintosh


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Hi all,


thanks for this very useful forum.


I am going to create new PC which will be used for Windows, OSx86 and Gentoo Linux. I am experienced Windows and Linux user but no Macintosh or OSx86 user.

I will use the created PC for development, games, audio and music - musical software, office.


I would like to base my PC on Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 - 2,66 (box) processor. That is why I would like the motherboard which will allow a lot of overclocking.


The key step is to choose mother board.

There is now problem to tweek things to get them work if they will work 100% finally without further problems. I would like to avoid the most Hackintosh problems as possible but still I would like to have good overclocking possible motherboard. And which is also very silent.


I thought about ASUS motherboards which I think have a lot of overclocking possibilities.


I already have:

PCI sound card: M-Audio Audiophile 2496

network PCI card: Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ehternet

DVD: LG 4163B

keyboard: Samsung SDM4500P

mouse: Genius NetScroll+Eye Ruby PS/2

firewire PCI card: Kouwell KW-582V2

HD: Seagate 160GB


Which silent, overclocking possible motherboard do you recommend me for specified processor and Windows, Linux and OSx86 PC to be easily bootable without need to change anything in BIOS each time OSx86 is going to be booted?


I would like to ask also about graphic card selection. I prefer silent type. I thought about Asus EN8500GT SILENT/HTD, 256MB . But I also know that currently there is no support for NVIDIA 8xxx cards in OSx86. That is why I would like to ask if is it possible to use some old PCI graphic card like S3 TRIO or S3 VIRGE to get to work OSx86 for now? And after NVIDIA 8xxx cards will be supported in OSx86, to use Asus EN8500GT in OSx86?


Which DDR2 rams do you recommend for OSx86? Are there are any problems with DDR2 rams?


Thanks very for any advice in advance.





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