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Installing OSX86 on external Firewire drive


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Short answer: YES!


Longer answer: You'd have to have a PC that would allow you to boot-up from an IEEE1394-A (e.g. Firewire-400), device, and that's the rub.

There aren't that many that could, as everyone knows USBx.x pretty much won that war.

I use the iPod as the best example of this IEEE1394-A > USBx.x, I shudder sometimes just thinking how cool it would have been to have had a 1394B (Firewire 800), version iPod @800MB/s.


There were People who uset to swipe OSX from the Shops (making ~or taking~ an Disc Image Copy), of OSX with just there iPod's.

But i wouldn't recommend trying to using an iPod as an External HDD as you'll likely kill the Drive off that way...

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