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Problem with vmware


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I woul install Mac Osx on the ibm r50e from vmware but...

I ave thew problem,

*** VMware Workstation internal monitor error (bug 9297) ***


The guest operating system you are running is using the Physical Address Extension (PAE) processor option. For more information about

running PAE-enabled guest operating systems, please consult http://www.vmware.com/info?id=28


I have just enabled paevm="TRUE".


But dont work....


Help me please

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Couple things I need to know before I can help:


What version of VMware are you running?

Which OSx86 ISO are you using?

What is your processor?

Does the processor support SSE2 and/or SSE3?


The problem lies in your computers hardware and/or the ISO image file.


Try using my 10.4.8 VMware Guide if you like: http://pcwiz.50webs.com/windows/vmwareosx86.htm

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