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What build should I use with this motherboard?

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What build should I use with these components? Will I be able to get by with a ide harddrive till I have money for a new SATA?


Motherboard: MSI 945GM3-F

Using Integrated graphics

IDE harddrive, I hope

Sony DVDR dl drive


I have a working UpHuck 10.4.9 v 1.3 dvd




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I just brought that MB and everything is working fine. I'm using IDE for HD and Sata for DVD burner drive, all works well(lan,audio ouput,usb and onbroad video) with the right patch from jas DVD. Onbroad video is not that great to me,the only rez i can get is 1024X728. I will had a cheap video card in hopes of better graphics. I updated to KoolKat 10.4.10 with no problems. I'm very new to this, so far my experience with that MB have been great. I running 2GB of MEM with Intel DuoCores 1.8(2160 I think). The burner is one of the newest lite-on with light scribe. Have Fun.......

by the way, i tried to use uphuck 10.4.9...but at the end of the install...it keep getting stuck...I don't know why, but jas works without any problems...

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