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  1. I am just curious, is their any talk of what comes after OSx? Is this near future, distant future or just way out there? Or is there just more 10.x.xx in the future?
  2. Are you a virgin?

    What does that have to do with religion? If you look at the religions of the world, alot of there "rules" have to do with protecting yourself. Even the way people in the desert cover their heads, ect. As far as some being confused, yes, it was a joke. But since someone asked, what is the importance of being a virgin? In my opinion, having one good life long partner, is better then being with many, and discovering, oops, you picked up a disease, or an unwanted child. The world is over populated enough, isnt it? I have two close friends, who's lifes are forever changed, because they slept with someone with Herpes. I know people dont like thinking about such things, but it sucks when you have to everyday.
  3. Are you a virgin?

    I am 32 and still a virgin. And as each of my two children get old enough, I will definitly explain to them the importance of remaining a virgin. In all actuality, I think too many people have lost perspective on how great sex doesnt come from frequency, but the bond you have with the person you are with. I am on my third marriage, and unlike all my prior relationships, this one is so different. I have never felt like I was part of someone else before. None of this is religion, its just something I feel inside. She is a part of me, and I wish to God, I could have met her first. Aside from having two beautiful daughters, the prior years were just wasted.
  4. Do you have the full model numbers? You could do a search. They do not have specific info, I was looking for, but you could check, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macbook . I hope this helps.
  5. I am not going to post a direct quote, but is it not funny when some people mispell lots a words whilst describing those that call it "OS EX" stupid or ignorant. Steve Jobs isnt a profit, and OS x source code isnt a holy book, so call it and him whatever you like. I dont judge people by how they speak, but by what they say. Of course, if Stevie Boy were to give me a free Mac Pro, w/ cinema display, I will call him whatever he prefers. Oh, and I cant spell very well either, thats why I didnt post a direct quote.
  6. OSX86 wallpaper

    I liked it. Works well.
  7. Annoying designs

    Why is the www blue and white? Every site is the same colors. They all look like myspace. I know it is hard to get a color scheme that isnt blue and white, but I am tired of blue and white.
  8. What build should I use with these components? Will I be able to get by with a ide harddrive till I have money for a new SATA? Motherboard: MSI 945GM3-F Using Integrated graphics IDE harddrive, I hope Sony DVDR dl drive I have a working UpHuck 10.4.9 v 1.3 dvd Thanks
  9. Hope this is the right place for this. I have an Acer Aspire 5100, and here is my brief experience with OS x86 on this setup. Basic Hardware: AMD Turion 64x2 - No Problems ATI Radeon 200m Express - 1024x780 only 1gig RAM 2 x 512 - 128 for graphics - Ok 100g Hard Drive - 70g for Vista / 20g MacOSx86 Realtek LAN - No Show Not Working Aetheros AR5005g wireless - Working perfect I am using the uphuck_10.4.9_universal_dvd_v1.3 image, dont ask me where I got it. Most things work, but it took several tries. Most problems during install where related to graphics. Below are the options I chose during install that work. First, Vista was already installed on my laptop. (I am the only person in the world, I think, who has been using a PC since the C64, that loves Vista.) I simply used the G-Parted cd to resize my partition and setup an empty 2nd primary fat32 partiton for OSx. I then booted the UpHuck DVD with everything except my mouse, disconnected. Once I reached the step to select where I would install OSx, I ran the DiskUtility from the menu and "Erased" the fat32 partition as Mac HFS Journaled. Once complete, I made the following selections for the installation. AMD by TubGrl Under Kernels > AMD SSE3 Under Patches> AppleACPIPlatform.kext 10.4.8 Under Patches> Verbose --- Not required Under Drivers > Under VGA > Under Callisto > Callisto b003 Under Drivers > Select the drivers for the ATI ATI, USB, Azalia Audio and the IO80211Family.kext 10.4.5 Under Software > Just choose what you want, the more you choose, the longer it takes to install. * Sorry I dont remember these word for word. I will do a vmware install to capture some screenshots in a day or two. They are located here: http://www.careysturner.com/careysturner/osx86/osx86.htm I have tried the Callisto b008 patch unsuccessfully, along with other realtek lan drivers. So far, only my wireless works. The Lan chip is a 8139 I think, most patches are for the 8159 or above. I tried each graphics driver thru the list, until I got to the b003. I really hope this helps someone. Thanks to all the info here, and UpHuck and TubGrl. I should add: After rebooting, and verifying OSX was working. I rebooted, and selected my ntfs (Vista) partition from OSX's boot options. Vista did not reboot immediatly and I had to use the Vista Disk to repair my Vista installation. I then used "DiskPart" to reset OSx as the active partion. I now dual boot with no problems and no hacks were neccesary.
  10. Just ordered some hardware. My budget is ridiculously small. I only spent $170.00. Open Box: MSI 945GM3-F LGA 775 Intel 945G Micro ATX Intel Motherboard Intel Dual-Core E2140 Allendale 1.6GHz LGA 775 Processor Model CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB (2 x 512MB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 Pentium D 805' s are now getting very rare. The only online retailer I found, in PriceGrabber, was unrated. I didnt want to risk it. And with shipping it would have cost the same. I just hope it works. If I cant find a junk ATX case in the basement, I will just build a custom enclosure. Even the cheapest case, $13.00, added $15.00 to the shipping. Wish me luck.
  11. Stupid Question: Does Intel use the "D" in the processor to designate Dual-Cores? If not, what is the meaning of the "D"? Thanks. I.E. Intel Celeron 2.5 Northwood 2.5GHz Socket 478 Processor Model RK80532RC060128 - OEM - not dual core? Intel Celeron D 315 Prescott 2.26GHz Socket 478 Processor Model NE80546RE051256 - OEM - dual core?
  12. This was a very interesting thread to read. It was helpful. But, I still have some questions. I want to build a very small budget HacKintosh. So I am definately look at this motherboard, MSI 945GM3-F. But I would definately like to have firewire. Is there a version of this motherboard that has firewire, that works under OSX86? Just so we are clear, do all the components of this motherboard work well with OSx86, i.e. Sound, Lan, USB, Sata. Can this motherboard work with current Core 2 Dou's, so I can upgrade it later. Hopefully this will not cause argument, I really just need an upgradable system I can build for $300 or less. Thanks for all the help. Also, I have some limited bandwidth available to those needing a more permanent solution for image files. First come, First serve.