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I've installed 10.4.1 on an IBM T43 notebook (With AtI graphics), I installed it by doing:


1. Formatting Hard drive (In OS X setup)

2. Partitioning Hard drive (In OS X setup)

3. created a 35gb MS-Dos partition, 15 gb OSX journaled (HFS) partition, 4gb uknown

4. Installed OSX on secondary partition (15Gb)

5. Installed Win XP Pro SP2

6. Created dual boot using built in boot manager in windows XP i.e. adding C:\chain0="Mac OS X" to boot.ini


The disc installed the SSe2 patches for Rossetta.


Now all seems to work fine, except for the sound, wireless, and I cannot seem to get garageband 3.01 to work, yet apparently iLife 06' is compatible?? The icon 'jumps' up and down and eventually just exits. What should I do?


Should I install 10.4.3? Where is the best place to get it from? can I download the Apple version and 'slip stream' it onto my disc?


Also with Windows, what do I do about all the drivers? Is there a package to download that sets up all the pre-installed utilities? If so where can I get it from?


Thanks in advance.

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is there a reason for 10.4.1? If your graphics card also works with the newer OSX, then you should install that.

AFAIK all the new software only works with the newer OSX releases.


For the T43 drivers for Windows, check lenovo.com

Theres a number on the backside of your thinkpad, which you have to enter at the support area. Then you will be able to download drivers/software.





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