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Leopard 9A499 installation trouble


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Hey folks, now everytime I want to install the 9A499 built (because I want to give Leopard a try since the new 9A500n is out), I get several errors from the Installer when it checks the disk consistency of the destination volume. Like these:


"Incorrect number of file hard links"

or several entries like "There should be 0x2 instead of 0x0"


I don't know what this is, and of course the installation won't continue after it says the volume could not be repaired after 3 attempts.

That is strange, because the volume is completely new initialized in Tiger, GUID partitionsheme, and Tiger's Disk Utility, DiskWarrior, and TechTool Pro report that there isn't a single error on that volume. So I guess there is a huge bug in Leopard's DiskUtility.


In fact, when I have to reboot into Tiger again, because of another failed Leo-installation, DiskWarrior reports that it has found an error:


Disk: "Leopard 9A500n"

Repaired the Available Disk Space of the Volume Information

Repaired the Attribute Bits of the critical Volume Information

Location: "Desktop"


This tells me that the Leo-Installer has not only checked the volume and "found" some errors, it even CAUSED errors to it.



Is there possibly a way to modify the installer so it won't perform it's volume check?



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