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pci's driver?


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Hi guys,

I just installed osX 10.4.8 JaS version on my home made computer (MSI K9VGM-V motherboard with integrated graphical chip, ethernet, soundchip, usb).

So, the installation has succefully terminated. But only graphical chip and usb are working (and HDD). Other device dosen't work. Okay, so i decided to install a pci's ethernet and soundcard. And now nothing too. The control center said I haven't pci or something like this :/


But all other thing work normally, whitout problemes (graphical chip work better than on linux system).


Existing a solution for this problem?


And, how can I modify the bootloader? I want to add my slackware system :)


Sorry if I write something wrong, I'm russian-french and languages sience aren't my best thing...

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