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  1. Concerning USB, are you sure you don't have the OSE (open source edition) of Virtualbox? This version, due to some right, dosen't have the usb support. Maybe could you try the not-ose version? Note that if you're changing of version or upgrading, you should update your virtual machines as well.
  2. You know, I'm on way to make a hackintosh. And I was wondering if there could be an interface to this database. Let me explain: Users can freely add their hadware, make note about, indicate what kext to use... Maybe could it be the other way? Such as: - First step: What processor have I. - Second: What motherboard have I. - Third: What graphical card have I. - Fourth: What soundcard have I. - Fifth: What exotic hardware have I. And so on... At the end, the user have a result of what kext are indicated in the database and the user sould get to have an operational sytem. I believe it wouldn't be 100 percent operational, but it might help a lot. Or not, it's maybe better if users keeps use the good old way of searching by themself .
  3. Yup, After googling the name of the author, it appears he is a graphism designer and he also have a deviantart profile where he submit his creations: http://tit0.deviantart.com/art/umiicons-full-48411311
  4. Well, Actually, if you have Mac OsX Server, you can virtualize Os X Desktop. How? Using Time Machine. I've never did it, but: - Install Mac OsX Server. - Make a Time Machine backup of your host system or any Os X system. - Share the location of the ackup with the VM. - Boot your Virtual Machine on the installation disc. - From the disc, choose the option restore the system from a Time Machine backup. - And roll. If your using a hackintosh backup, beware of your eventual modified kext .
  5. Introduce Yourself

    Hi! I'm Cyril, from Luxembourg. I will make a hackintosh the next week. I've tryed a macbook in which I've discovered Mac Os. If I'll enjoy it, I'll get a mac mini or pro. I am a GNU/Linux user since 98 (w00t, in my eleventh year!). Unfortunatly, I did not made any use of the experience: I'm far of being a guru. I've been studying networks and IT administation and now I'm switching to programming. I enjoy eating pizza, watching Doctor Who, Stragate, reading good books, sleeling, playing scrabble and chatting on irc. Actually, pretty much everything I can do on an armchair or in my bed. But from time to time, I move my back and go play bowling. I'm also a languages geek, I like observing them, you know, origins, similarities, tranlsations... Probably because I have no main language, I always think in few of them, which inevitably conduct me to misspelling
  6. No bad at all. But Maybe could you make the Finder font white? Such as the name of the window and the informations (96 items, 189.66 GB available). I'll probably will use it when my hackintosh'll be up and running in a week or so
  7. Your favorite *nix GUI

    Xfce is the Better: ligth but using gtk... But my favourite is the IRIX (I think) 3D Gui, mmm... I lost they name but we can see it in Jurassic park I
  8. Linux distro that imitates OS X look and feel

    I think we can use gnome with some graphical effect and avant windows navigator: http://code.google.com/p/avant-window-navigator/ And, why not, compiz-fusion... For the sound sheme, I think it's not hard to fond wav of ogg version of osx sheme
  9. pci's driver?

    All Work now o/
  10. pci's driver?

    So, after more search, I finded this one: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...rhine&st=80 (for ethernet) I'll try it later <- working Now, the soundcard, she's know as Realtek ALC883 by alsa...
  11. Hi guys, I just installed osX 10.4.8 JaS version on my home made computer (MSI K9VGM-V motherboard with integrated graphical chip, ethernet, soundchip, usb). So, the installation has succefully terminated. But only graphical chip and usb are working (and HDD). Other device dosen't work. Okay, so i decided to install a pci's ethernet and soundcard. And now nothing too. The control center said I haven't pci or something like this :/ But all other thing work normally, whitout problemes (graphical chip work better than on linux system). Existing a solution for this problem? And, how can I modify the bootloader? I want to add my slackware system Sorry if I write something wrong, I'm russian-french and languages sience aren't my best thing...