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Nvidia Quadro FX540 video card

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I'm using 10.4.8 JAS running on Conroe 945G-DVI. I recently decided to install an Nvidia Quadro FX540 video card. MacOS continued to work okay, but with some screen refresh issues and I was unable to change the resolution.


So I decided to try to install the Titan Kext. Sadly, no dice. When I rebooted I got a garbled screen.


I did notice that there is a Titan bundle available to download which seems to include a load of drivers ("Nvidia Kext 10.4.8 Accelerated") but I don't see any instructions that a newb like me can follow and I'm not sure that this adds any support for my card.


Is there any way to get this card running 100%. I've not seen much mention of it, perhaps because it's quite an out-dated card, but I'd love to get it up and running so that I can use FCP again.


Cheers in advance for any help.

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