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  1. Sorry to dig this up again. I hadn't actually realised there was a reply to my old posting. I can't see the Asus K40IE anywhere, so presumably it's out of production now. Does anyone else have FCP running on an OSX86 lappy?
  2. I'm considering a new laptop and am weighing up whether to get a Macbook Pro or PC laptop. What are my chances of getting FCP to run well on OSX86 on a laptop? And what are the issues? Presumably I could save myself a bundle if I could but I want the thing to run properly, as it would be the primary use of the machine. Also would I have any luck driving a 2nd monitor off a OSX86 laptop? This is also pretty important since FCP is much nicer to use with a 2nd screen. Sorry if these questions sound dumb. I have experience installing OSX86 on desktops and have even run FCP pretty successfully on these, but have never owned a laptop and don't know what the major pitfalls are.
  3. Hi, I'm using 10.4.8 JAS running on Conroe 945G-DVI. I recently decided to install an Nvidia Quadro FX540 video card. MacOS continued to work okay, but with some screen refresh issues and I was unable to change the resolution. So I decided to try to install the Titan Kext. Sadly, no dice. When I rebooted I got a garbled screen. I did notice that there is a Titan bundle available to download which seems to include a load of drivers ("Nvidia Kext 10.4.8 Accelerated") but I don't see any instructions that a newb like me can follow and I'm not sure that this adds any support for my card. Is there any way to get this card running 100%. I've not seen much mention of it, perhaps because it's quite an out-dated card, but I'd love to get it up and running so that I can use FCP again. Cheers in advance for any help.
  4. I'd like to build a cheapish OSX86-compatible system... only problem being I'm a complete newbie to OSX86 and have never built a PC before! My thinking behind basing it on a Core 2 Duo processor (e.g. E6300) is that I would like to upgrade components at a later date and because it seems to me there's no comparison with similarly priced processors. Can anyone suggest a cheap E6300/motherboard combo which is almost guaranteed to support OSX86? (I'm also thinking of trying to run FCP on the system.) Any other considerations gratefully received... Thanks.