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iPod Nano 1G Backlight Not Working

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I was at a cousin's house over the past weekend, and my pants along with my iPod got thrown in the washing machine and then the dryer. By the time I realized that my iPod was gone, I got back the iPod and the backlight wasn't working. I tried pressing all the buttons, resetting the iPod and restoring it. Now I have no idea how to get the backlight working. I wanted to get advice from this forum before going to Apple.



Probably your display is water damaged. I would recommend using your nano as a shuffle. I donot think replacing the display is gonna be cheap.

The backlight is attached onto the back of the LCD using adhesives. It is normally 4 white LEDs(Video iPod atleast). There are a few more layers of plastic between the LEDs and the back cover of the LCD.


If you know someone who is good at microsoldering/cell phone repair, they may be able to do it. But most likely not.


By cell phone repair I mean people who actually repair the Mobile Boards, rather than Service Centers which just replace them.

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