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HD 2600 xt working?

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Correction : HD2600 working on netkas' blog


Few days after mew imacs launched and Radeon hd 2600 works on PCs!


Current status, works on hd 2600 card with 256 mb ram. full qe/ci/opengl


Known bugs, water effect in Dashboard result in system freeze


Quake3 , timedemo - 250 FPS.


What will u need to get it working, special natit version, new radeon kexts from imac software update, also rosetta files from imac software update (just install that update with pacifist or so)

opengl.framework from new imac , new kernel and system.kext, also need to add ur device-id to atiradeon...2000.kext

All files can be found on irc.osx86.hu #radeonhd

Currently natit supports only one model with only one device-id(0x9589), so feel free to post ur card name/little info with ur device id.

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