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another will this work question

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Ok, so I've considered a couple of options:


A. Macbook

+ I like the size/looks

- no support for a 30" screen, slow harddrive, crappy GPU

B. Macbook pro

+ support for a 30", okish gpu

- size/price (with a faster hd)

C. Mac mini

+ size/price


D. Mac pro

+ speed/ lots of options

- massive price tag

E. iMac 24"

+ speed

- crappy gpu, and the built in screen is nice, but I've got a 23" ACD at the moment, that I want to upgrade to a 30", so this might not be the best buy




So yeah I've looked through all options, but I'm afraid a hackintosh is the way to go now.


mobo gigabyte p35-DS3

cpu core 2 duo e6750 (seems like a really fast cpu for the price), don't think I will benefit a lot from a quad core

memory kingston valueram 4x1gb 800ddr2

gpu either my old 7600gt, or a new 8600gt silent if that is supported.


and from my old pc:

nec 3500 dual layer burner

coolermaster case

coolermaster 480w extreme power supply

WD 500gig sata2 harddisk


so will this work? Or would you recommend other component options?

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