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  1. New iPods

    Sure but I want push email, not sure if the iphone really delivers in that part now though. I am hoping to pick up the next revision iphone with 16gig , or if the email function lacks I'll just go for a nokia e61i. Anyways, I don't always carry my ipod with me, but do always carry my phone with me. So I want a good calender function on my phone, and couldn't care that much about the calender function on my ipod.
  2. All good news I'm hearing, I ordered the gigabyte p35 ds3r (3phemeral told me it was better then the regular one ) - 2x1gig of twinmos ddr2 800 memory (only one they had in stock, is it any good?) - a core 2 duo e6750 - Oh and I ordered a ipod classic at the apple store next door, but I'm not sure of that one though, maybe it's better to get a nano now, and pick up an iphone (16gig maybe?) when it gets released here 16gig should be sufficient for me. Anyways thanks a lot for the advice, I'll let you guys know how it went (wil probably receive my order in 5 days, so hopefully I will be up and running at the end of next week)
  3. New iPods

    I'll go for the 160gig ipod I think, ipod touch is nice, but you can't receive emails with it, and I'm not sure if the calender function is sufficient. I'd rather have a 8g iphone then, so I don't have to carry around an iphone sized ipod with only 8gig, and another smartphone.
  4. Ah, I'll just format everything except the big partition, install vista lite first, and macos after that. I'm not counting on being able to run parallels under macos, that won't run good would it?
  5. One more question, a bit offtopic, but it's the only thing that keeps me from ordering my new rig. I've got a 500gig samsung harddisk now, with one 250gig partition full of important ' stuff ' , now all the dual boot tutorials say I should delete all partitions. Is there a workaround to this? Or should I just get another 500gig disk run in raid, and keep all the important stuff on 1 disk?
  6. A 7600gt? Then again I already have the 7600gt so a 8600gt isn't such a huge upgrade for me, I'm fine till the next generation cards arrive. Why not a e6750 instead of the e6320 though, it's a lot faster, and not that much more expensive..
  7. people who are telling the TS that the imac is fine for gaming, are giving misleading information. I too wanted the imac, but mostly because of it's lack of harddisk space/crappy gpu I'm going to pass and wait for the next upgrade. I mean the 2600xt is a crappy gpu, the 7600gt was better, but for nextgen games you really do need something faster. So you want to play new games? Get a pc You want a great overall machine, which also happens to look beatifull? Get the new or the old imac (whichever one you think looks best).
  8. Is it possible to keep one partition (I've got 200gig of files that I want to keep), and keep the rest unpartitioned for the osx/windows install? Or do I really need a clean drive (as in I need to get a external harddrive?)
  9. Thanks 3phemeral, and yes I'm dutch . I'm not pl,anning on overclocking anything, can I go with 677 memory then (not that the price difference is that big though, but I thought the e6750 needed ddr800 ram). And should I get the p35-ds3 or the ds3R?
  10. I'm curious as to what p35 mobo is fully compatible with osx86, cause I haven't heard of one yet. I am currently considering this combo, but didn't order it yet, untill I know for sure that it will work with osx : gigabyte p35-ds3R (mostly because the p965 was so compatible with osx) 2gig of bufallo 800ddr2 ram (800ddr2 is the correct memory for the new dual core cpu's right?) intel core 2 duo e6750 (best price/perfomance ratio) geforce 7600gt (still got this one laying around)
  11. Ok, so I've considered a couple of options: A. Macbook + I like the size/looks - no support for a 30" screen, slow harddrive, crappy GPU B. Macbook pro + support for a 30", okish gpu - size/price (with a faster hd) C. Mac mini + size/price -slow D. Mac pro + speed/ lots of options - massive price tag E. iMac 24" + speed - crappy gpu, and the built in screen is nice, but I've got a 23" ACD at the moment, that I want to upgrade to a 30", so this might not be the best buy So yeah I've looked through all options, but I'm afraid a hackintosh is the way to go now. mobo gigabyte p35-DS3 cpu core 2 duo e6750 (seems like a really fast cpu for the price), don't think I will benefit a lot from a quad core memory kingston valueram 4x1gb 800ddr2 gpu either my old 7600gt, or a new 8600gt silent if that is supported. and from my old pc: nec 3500 dual layer burner coolermaster case coolermaster 480w extreme power supply WD 500gig sata2 harddisk so will this work? Or would you recommend other component options?
  12. It looks great now, I think that this update is easily worth the extra $100. I suggested something else for the e4400, because for a little more you can get a e6420/e6600, and for a little less a e4300. (which is a great overclocker, something that can not be said about a e4400).
  13. I will be using my old graphics card (that's a 7600gt), mainly because I won't be playing a lot of games (got my xbox 360 for that), and the new model 8600gt isn't compatible with osx86 (from what I heard). And I needed the faster ram, because I want to overclock my e4300 from 1.8 to at least 2.8. Thanks for the advice though!
  14. Well I practically ordered the same system, except change the e4400 for either: a e4300 (great overclocker), or a e6420/e6600. And the graphics card, I would take a 7900 if you want to play games at a reasonable speed . Or forget osx and just get a 8800.
  15. Hmmm well the problem is that most hdtv movies are up too 8gigs. Is it even possible to play movies on my tv (second dvi port on my videocard) with osx86, or is there no dual monitor support? I will probably make it like this then: mac 40gig HFS for osx+apps 300gig HFS for movies (if dual monitor setup is possible with osx, otherwise I will make it a ntfs and watch my movies in windows) windows 30gig ntfs for windows vista or xp 30gig ntfs for games Shared 100gig fat for music (accesible in xp and osx) I just ordered all my components btw, will give you guys a report next week if things are working or not .