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Bootcamp 1.4, MacBook Pro, Fans


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I'm running Bootcamp 1.3 with Windows XP on a 2.2ghz MBP (I'm upgrading to 1.4 tonight).


I've been hearing rumours that the fans don't work and that you need to use Input Remapper to run fans if you're going to be gaming.


I played Oblivion for an hour or so last night and the MBP didn't seem to get too hot, but I didn't hear the fan go on. I was playing on my patio, so it might have just had a cool ambient temperature helping it out.


Do I need to use Input Remapper to control my temperature (i.e. if I don't, will the fans never turn on?)

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If you are running XP on a MacbookPro, I would definately get the input remapper, just for the fans.

I have a 2.16 1st edition Macbook Pro with XP Pro. The fans come on, but they don't increase in speed as the machine gets hot, which doesn't take long.


I have only found one piece of software that can see the core on a Macbook Pro and read the temp, rightmark utility. I don't have the link but search under rightmark. With a normal workload in Adobe CS2 after 10 minutes my machine will be at 65C to 70 C at tiimes. That's hot. Not too hot, but IMO too hot. With input remapper installed these temps will drop to 38 to 45 C. You will also be amazed at just how much fan you have on the machine.


There is something that XP can't see on the Macbook Pro as the temps increase XP should also increase the fan's but it won't.


If you have Boot camp 1.3 the latest version of input remapper should work fine. I don't have machine as new as yours, but I haven't seen any posts on issues.


Worst Case Senario.

You install Input remapper and something won't work. It's is simple fix to get back.

Uninstall input remapper, then re-run your boot camp CD, it will put back the machine back to before input remapper was installed. The only thing I know that input remapper takes off are the Apple Keyboard drivers and replaces it with input remapper's.


Paul C

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