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  1. Thanks for the info. One question. Since Fan Control is a mac based program I am assuming you make the settings on the mac side. Do they hold their settings if you boot into Vista via Bootcamp? Thanks Paul Caldwell
  2. I have been runinng on the 1st Gen Macbookpro, with input remapper since 2007, XP. Now considering a upgrade to the newer unibody 17". From my reading, I have determined that Apple did nothing to correct the fan speed issue with later versions of boot camp drivers and the over heating issue now may be even worse with the higher end graphics cards. I have read posts where some people seem to have the last version of input remapper working with their unibody machines and other posts where there seem to be problems. I wanted to see if I could ask a few questions. 1. If anyone has a newer 08+ unibody working with the last version on input remapper, can you post your environment, i.e. OS. I have been concerned that with 64 bit Vista, that input remapper wouldn't work since I don't believe it ever had any 64 bit support. So does anyone have 64 or 32 bit Vista working? if so what version of boot camp. 2. Has anyone tried the other method of booting into the mac side, using SMC fan control (which I have on my old machine and it works on the mac side fine) adjusting your fan speed and then booting back to windows without a hard power down. Does Vista 64 or 32 bit allow the fan speed to continue? 3. Any other ideas solutions that others have come up with. Amazing to me 2 years later and Apple still has this same problem. Sincerely Paul Caldwell www.photosofarkansas.com
  3. Bootcamp 1.4, MacBook Pro, Fans

    If you are running XP on a MacbookPro, I would definately get the input remapper, just for the fans. I have a 2.16 1st edition Macbook Pro with XP Pro. The fans come on, but they don't increase in speed as the machine gets hot, which doesn't take long. I have only found one piece of software that can see the core on a Macbook Pro and read the temp, rightmark utility. I don't have the link but search under rightmark. With a normal workload in Adobe CS2 after 10 minutes my machine will be at 65C to 70 C at tiimes. That's hot. Not too hot, but IMO too hot. With input remapper installed these temps will drop to 38 to 45 C. You will also be amazed at just how much fan you have on the machine. There is something that XP can't see on the Macbook Pro as the temps increase XP should also increase the fan's but it won't. If you have Boot camp 1.3 the latest version of input remapper should work fine. I don't have machine as new as yours, but I haven't seen any posts on issues. Worst Case Senario. You install Input remapper and something won't work. It's is simple fix to get back. Uninstall input remapper, then re-run your boot camp CD, it will put back the machine back to before input remapper was installed. The only thing I know that input remapper takes off are the Apple Keyboard drivers and replaces it with input remapper's. Paul C
  4. Thanks, for the reply. The real key IMO of input remapper is of course the fan control. The MBP on it's own never increases the speed of the fans and the machine will eventually shutdown. Now in real terms, I have to be doing a lot of processing on it as I believe I have had mine get to over 75 degrees C, but of course that's way too hot. With the fan control on, I can easily stay around 38 degrees to 45. The backlighting is a nice feature if you work in low lighting conditions as I often do with photography. Once again thanks for the info and time. Paul Caldwell
  5. Thanks for the reply and the updated version. I have read the sticky and will pull the new version down. One question, you mentioned "live without the Apple keyboard drivers", I am assuming your new release only pulls off the keyboard not the trackpad drivers? With bootcamp 1.3 Apple finally fixed the trackpad drivers and I didn't want to lose those. MPB, XP Professional, 1st edition of MPB July 06 Also, you mentioned the Apple Keyboard backlight drivers, am I correct in assuming that your keyboard backlight drivers (which I prefer) will instal over the Apple version? Once again thanks, great job. Paul Caldwell
  6. Problem with Screen Capture

    Not sure if you want to upgrade, but with boot camp 1.3 Apple addressed this with Fn F11. Will allow for a normal Screen print process. Paul C
  7. XP install probelms with Leapord & Boot Camp 2.0

    My mistake, I hadn't followed as close on Leapord, and just assumed it was now out since the Iphone was out. I thought the iphone needed Leapord for some reason. Paul
  8. XP install probelms with Leapord & Boot Camp 2.0

    Matt good point on the EFI for XP 64 edition. I also thought of that, but there currently (as far as I know of) are no drivers for the XP 64 bit OS. Some people early on tried to install it and then find the drivers from each company, but I don't remember anyone finding most of them including the correct ATI and network drivers. I was hoping that with the XP 64 edition, you could install native on the MacBook Pro and then just blow away the mac drive altogether. The OS will not find with the correct driver many of the important pieces and since Apple is the main resource for suppling the drivers, I guess they will not be doing a 64 bit set maybe becuase of the EFI support? On the issue of boot camp 2.0 and Leapord, did you call Apple? I was curious as I thought that with Leapord, it was no longer a beta and thus you could call Apple. Curious to know what they said. Paul C
  9. I am stumped!. A complete low level format should have fixed the problem if there was something going on with your current XP install. When you reloaded OSX, that should have fixed the issue for sure as everything would have been put back as when the machine was brand new. One thing migh be the install CD you are using has an issue with it. I have run into this, not the same problem you are having, but later on in the install. Can you locate a different XP install CD? or maybe copy yours and try the copy? XP has alot of quirks and the like and the black screen issue can be caused by many things, but if you have totally reformated the drive as you state, then everything should be starting over from scratch. You may have mentioned this, but make sure your EFI bios is the correct level, if you reinstalled OSX from the original OSX recovery CD, it may have re written the EFI bios to a version that XP can work with. I know that when I purchased my MBP in July of 2006, I had to upgrade the EFI bios before i could install XP. By reinstalling the OSX, I wouldn't have thought that the EFI bios would be overwritten, but with Mac's I am not that sure. On a Fresh install, when you get a black screen like you mention, it's my understanding that XP can't see something very basic, like memory, hard drive etc. and it is hanging. When XP starts the install it does a quick check of the machine being installed on to make sure the basic hardware is there. The only other solution is replace the hard drive and then reinstall the OSX, then follow the steps for XP's install. However on a MBP Apple has made this a very hard thing to do. Which is most unfortunate IMO. Paul C
  10. New bootcamp

    What version of input remapper are you using on your MBP? and are you not having conflicts with the keyboard backlighting, since loading 1.3 of bootcamp? Thanks Paul C
  11. Repartition without losing data

    I don't believe you can do it since no normal tool like Partition Magic will run on a Mac with XP under bootcamp. Partionmagic is a great tool for doing just what you want to do, (now sold by Norton), but it won't work due to issues on the EFI bios you machine is running under bootcamp. XP itself won't allow you to repartition a main hard drive (under disk management) at least I have never figured out a way to do it. When I installed on my box, I wanted to create two logical drives, one for the OS and one for data and scratch. I have read the ways people have worked out a solution for this, but I already had XP loaded and didn't want to redo it all. I had hoped that I could just install partionmagic and resize on the fly. No GO. Only solution I have found is using an external USB hard drive. They have come down enough now that you can get 160GB under 200.00. Paul C
  12. Boot Camp Will Not Upgrade

    XP or Vista will register via your system board online with Microsoft. If you replace your main board, XP will often times need to have you recertifiy with Microsoft that your version of the OS is legal. This can also sometimes happen if you replace a hard drive where your boot partition is located. Can you come up into XP clean? or does XP ask you to contact microsoft. Or is the problem in the Mac OSX side when you are trying to run boot camp to create the drivers disk? Actually now that I think of it XP shouldn't care as all you do on the XP side is run the updated drivers CD you created on the Mac side. You may have to reset some admin policy on the mac side to let you run boot camp. On that I am not real sure what to do as you can't call Apple for support on boot camp. Apple might be able to send you a disc? Paul C
  13. Quick restart to another partition

    Not sure if I understand your problem. In Mac OSX, to restart, just hit the mac icon and restart. Two mouse hits. Not sure what running a terminal session gains you. In XP, you go to the start button, then hit turn off computer, selecting restart, again two mouse hits. There may be a way to reboot a XP machine via a command prompt, but I don't know of it. I am sure you would have to shut all the running processes down. You can also just hit cntl-alt-delt from the keyboard and then select shut down, this allows you to shut off or restart the machine. Note I believe you need boot camp 1.3 to get true cntl-alt-delt key function to work. Once in rebooting process when you get the main grey screen on boot, hit the option key and select which OS to come up into, XP or OSX. Paul C
  14. Bootcamp Apple Drivers installation errors

    Even with parallels, you would still need the drivers from Apple via boot camp 1.x (now 1.3). I don't know of any other way to get the correct drivers to XP. When you install your XP system in parallels, I assume after you come up with XP, you would run the boot camp 1.3 drivers CD you created on the mac side. I also don't know why you would get the errors you have unless somehow XP got corrupted during the install. You might try blowing away the entire parallels install, create a new one and laydown XP again or Vista. Before the 1.3 bootcamp there were always come pieces of the hardware that XP saw but Apple didn't have a driver for and you would get errors in device manager yellow! by them. With the 1.3 version of boot camp from what I can tell, all of these yellow!'s are gone, there are a few pieces of the hardware in the System Devices tab of device manager (ACPI listings) you have to enable after reboot. I enabled these and for the first time have a clean listing in Device Manager. I am running the 1st gen MBP, 2.13 from July of 2006. Paul C
  15. MacBook Pro + Vista

    More info on NTFS. I have stayed away from Vista, however I would surprised if Vista wouldn't install or run on a Fat 32 partition. XP will run fine on FAT32. The problem is Microsoft with XP did away with the ability to pick FAT32 during the install. You only get the NTFS option to format the new parition you just created. (Blue screen install during XP). When you setup your drive to load Vista/XP on in OSX under boot camp, I believe if you have small partition size, under 20MB or something like that, boot camp will let you pick FAT32, if it's larger, you have to pick NTFS. Again XP could care less between NTFS and FAT32 no matter how large you want the parition. I haven't tried to load Vista yet, so I don't know if it uses the same blue loader screens that XP used during the install process until the first reboot. In those screens you only have a NTFS format option, Microsoft did away with the FAT 32 option with XP, its still there in Win 2000. My main fix was to install partition magic and then reformat my boot partition back to FAT32. There are alot of reasons to keep your boot partition FAT32 mainly for recovery issues. After I loaded XP on my Macbook pro, I tried to install partionmagic. It install fine, but errored out when you tried to run it, I am sure something to do with the EFI bios and not being able to control the full hard drive. So I just left my MBP, at NTFS. As you pointed out to get between the systems, at boot, you just hit the option key and select the OS to boot to. The OSX side can see the NTFS drive, just can't write to it. The XP side will not see the OSX drive unless you load Macdrive as someone else mentioned. I chose to leave the two alone. My main need was XP, thus I gave XP most of the drive. Paul C