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GigaByte 2600XT

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Hi All,


I am finally getting the feeling that I should be upgrading my graphic card.


The one that seems like it's worth the money is the Gigabyte HD 2600XT

( Details here: http://www.digitec.ch/ProdukteDetails2.asp...;Artikel=137606 )


- passive cooling (silent.. yay)

- not too expensive

- hackintosh compatible (should be doable!)


I read cyclonefr's quickguide to make this work, but could someone who's actually done it write up a full guide for this?


Here's the link to the files from the iMac graphic card updates:



Here's what cyclonefr had to say about making it work:

hey guys just so easy to make it work! edit the X2000.Kext with ur vendor id and product id, and remove ATINDRV for test. u should at least QE/CI in 1024. then try to tweak ATINDRV which should contains a new driver into the plugins directory = X2000 then modify like borisbadenov did for X1600. U should get full CEQI and switch resolution.


If someone can throw together an easy guide i think it would help development enormously since this card is just coming on the market.





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I have a Sapphire HD 2600XT. I'm waiting for the driver for a while, and it seems that we still need to wait.


The driver pack from 1.0 update give me a grey screen. I think it should work after some modify. But I'm not the one can do it. Hope some can! :wacko:

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